By Dorcas Karuana,
Most successful people weren’t born successful or come from a family of rich Mafioso’s or a lineage of millionaires; well maybe Paris Hilton the heirless of the prestigious Hilton Hotels was but most successful people who are worth any salt started from basically nothing to be successful people in their career path.

Quick money and instant success is what most people nowadays are after and will do absurdities for the quick fix of getting rich quicker or die trying way of doing things. But that doesn’t always have to be the case as it’s demonstrated by successful people all over the world.

Here are some of the lessons that you can generously pick from such people that can help make an impact in your career life

1.It’s not about how well you start in life.
A false beginning sounds more like it. No you were not born with a silver spoon but that doesn’t mean you are stuck in that position for the rest of your life. In whatever field you might be in, whether its self employment or you are employed by someone else, murky beginnings are there to strengthen you and prepare you for difficult times. It’s simple really, once you have goals and you know what you want out of life nothing can deter you from getting it. Steve Jobs one of the greatest innovators in the world was once dirt poor but we all know he didn’t die poor. Think of Njenga Karume, Chris Kirubi, SK Macharia or even Equity’s James Mwangi, he wasn’t all well off to begin with.

2. Level of Education Is Not Important.
Definitely not in Kenya! Is the kind of response I would expect and it’s not a misplaced response. I am not disregarding higher education but in the recent past it has become so commercialized that most schools are in it to make money out of Kenyans. More so most companies are ‘obsessed’ with degrees and what nots so what’s a diploma?

Truth is, you can do a lot. It doesn’t mean that everyone who has a degree is a skilled person, some of those degrees are all theories and the holders cannot do hold anything practical and just because someone has a diploma doesn’t mean they are slackers and do not know squat. Sure it’s good to be advanced in education but the levels of the same shouldn’t scare you to death.

3. Have Passion In Whatever You do
Passion is the fuel which drives most successful people in whatever they do and that’s maybe why they keep pushing on even when hard times comes knocking. You basically have to love what you do for a living to be successful otherwise it will be too easy to just give up. If you took your time to read or listen to most successful stories you would wonder why they still held on while you would have already given up and moved on and you might have thought this people might have been crazy to have stayed grounded.

4. Successful People Know How to connect The Dots.
Everything that has happened in our lives happened for a reason. We have to “trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Perhaps you have gone through many things in life and wondered why it had to happen? Perhaps you have gone through many things in life and wondered why it had to happen? It could be repeating another semester in school, studying the wrong course, wasting 3 years in a company that didn’t improve your career or getting a lousy boss that treated you like dirt. All these ‘negative’ incidents in your life could actually be the turning point of your life from that point on!

Dorcas is the Head of Recruitment at Corporate Manpower East Africa. Email:

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