Corporate Manpower E.A provides niche service of short listing resumes/CVs, meeting closest to your requirements. As experts in recruitment, Corporate Manpower E.A understands that screening applicants to find the best talent and the right cultural fit is an essential but time-consuming process.

We deliver reliable, tailored applicant screening services enabling you to make candidate selection decisions based on independent and consistent assessment methods.

Outsourcing this stage of your recruitment process ensures that you use your valuable time to meet only the most suitable candidates.

How we Work

As part of our shortlisting service, we deliver:

1.Source applicants
• We work with you to develop a job description and advertise with online job sites, LinkedIn, and company pages, and shared via email and SMS

2. CV Review & Screening
• Once your direct application process has closed, Corporate Manpower E.A sorts the CVs based on your job requirements.
• Combine role-specific assessments and custom screening questions we shortlist 20 candidates

3. Key Selection Criteria Review
• Monitor your pipeline and vet candidates based on experience, skills, and more
• Responses are reviewed, scored and a ranked so as to select the top 5-10 candidates.

4. Phone Screening
• We evaluate your applicants responses to behavioural questions
• Your applicants are phone interviewed and asked behavioural questions. These questions are developed while ensuring they are aligned with the position requirements.
• You receive a summary report of the best 5- 10 applicants detailing their scores

Contact us today to learn how Corporate Manpower E.A can save you time by conducting the screening stages of your recruitment process on your behalf.

Schedule a meeting or request for a call by sending an email to our Recruitment Manager  via and cc Dorcas Kinyua at