Today’s job market is fiercely competitive. Most interviewers decide a candidate’s suitability for the job within the first 15 minutes of the interview. Making a strong, positive first impression during an interview isn’t an option; it’s a must. You need to be memorable — for all the right reasons.

Corporate Manpower East Africa has many years of experience of recruiting at all levels and we have helped thousands of professionals channel their talents into satisfying and rewarding careers. Our aim is to make the search for a stimulating new opportunity trouble free and we believe you should have the right coach.

The Interview Coaching Steps

1.The first step in the interview coaching  process is to send your CV for review.

2. Next, you send a job advert that is of interest to you. Your CV will be compared against the job description and viewed from the interviewer point of view. We think strategy together. (What will it take to get this job done? If you were the employer, what would you be looking for in a candidate?)

3. You will be sent all materials that are included in your package – exercises, templates, etc., via email. If you have additional information to send the coach that will assist in understanding your situation, you are encouraged to send that information. You will be expected to do your homework and prepare for the sessions. When you are ready to begin the coaching you will let the coach know.

4. We will schedule our first session which is one on one or by telephone if necessary. You are given feedback on any answers that you want to practice, as well as information on how to sell yourself more effectively. We will work on your success stories to emphasize your past experiences.

5. We will work on answers to your most dreaded questions; strategize salary negotiation; deal with sticky situations bad references, been fired or laid off? We will think of answers and script these answers so that you can practice to be able to handle these questions with confidence.

6. Follow up email is available – and encouraged. Our aim is for you to succeed! Your coach cares!

Get in touch with our Career Advisor Ms Rachael Wanjiku